Corsa Loss Control Incentive


Available to CORSA members only

The CORSA Loss Control Incentive Program is designed to encourage CORSA members to implement designated risk management programs that will assist in the management of risk within the entity. Participation in the program is voluntary. All CORSA members who wish to participate have the potential to receive a cash credit on the following year's CORSA premium. Credit is based upon the successful implementation of pre-determined loss control initiatives that have been defined by CORSA.  Credits are offered for individual items that are successfully completed by the County. Completion of the detailed items will be documented by the County Loss Control Coordinator and an "audit" will be performed by a CORSA representative prior to any credits being awarded.  

2018 CORSA Loss Control Incentive Program

The CORSA Board realizes the benefit of the Loss Control Incentive Program and believes the additional financial incentive will promote strong risk management programs throughout the CORSA Membership.  

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