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Contact Cathy Jones via e-mail for membership application and for the 2017 membership invoice, at

The County Loss Control Coordinators Association of Ohio is a CCAO affiliate group actively supporting county professionals with three levels of memberships, quarterly meeting opportunities, and valuable resources.  Professional memberships are limited to the county employee who has been officially designated by the Board of County Commissioners as being responsible for loss control and/or safety duties for their county.    Associate memberships are available to any county employee whose county has a current Professional member in CLCCA.  Business Associate memberships are available to representatives of any business, association, or any other organization with an interest in promoting and assisting Ohio counties.  Quarterly meetings are organized under a unique “seasonal” structure, planned by one of the District Directors on relevant topics of general interest.  Professional members in the district hosting the meetings are encouraged to assist the District Director.

Resources available to CLCCA Professional members: 
                Affiliate membership to CCAO
The experience and expertise of other risk management professionals
Quarterly meetings on relevant topics at no cost 

CLCCA allowance program, which includes opportunities for paid CCAO/CEAO 
                   conference registration and paid PRIMA conference expenses                 

                  CLCCA logo shirts at cost  

                  County Information and Data Service newsletter (CIDS)

                    County News magazine



Please contact any Board member or District Director for additional information.  CLCCA Dues & Membership forms and payment must be received before April 1, 2017.





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