County Loss Control Coordinators Association


County Loss Control Coordinators Association

President: David Miller, Erie County (419) 627-7678 email
  Vice-President: Tiffany Swigert, Coshocton County (740) 622-7776 email
Secretary/Treasurer: Cathy Jones, Mahoning County (330) 740-2130 email
                            Past President: Dennis Harris, Ashland County, 419-282-4222 e-mail

2017 District Directors

Northwest District

Randy Riffle
Union County
(937) 645-3175

Northeast District

Michelle Crombie
Portage County

Southeast District

Mindy Allan
Licking County

Southwest District

Rob Slane
Madison County
(740) 845-1620

The purpose of the Corporation shall be to provide educational opportunities to its Ohio county members to promote workplace safety and loss control.  The corporation (501 (c)(3) is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

CLCCA Professional memberships are available to county employees who have been officially assigned the responsibility for loss control and/or safety in their county. When that employee joins CLCCA as a Professional member, other employees in your county who have an interest in loss control issues may join CLCCA through an Associate membership.

CLCCA has developed a unique structure using Seasonal Committees headed by our District Directors, as listed on the left side of this announcement, who plan, organize and schedule our quarterly meetings. Members are encouraged to assist the District Directors with these quarterly meetings.

CLCCA Professional members have valuable resources available to them:
 - Affiliate membership to CCAO
 - The experience and expertise of other risk
   management professionals
 - Quarterly meetings on relevant topics at no cost
 - CLCCA allowance program, which includes
   opportunities for paid CCAO/CEAO conference
   registration and paid PRIMA conference
 - CLCCA logo shirts at our cost
 - County Information and Data Service
   newsletter (CIDS)
 - County News magazine

CLCCA members who are CORSA members:
 - PRIMA membership
 - PRIMA scholarship
CORSA member counties:
 - CORSA website
 - CORSA University
 - CORSA Human Resources Hotline

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